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Monday, March 9, 2009

Time for Training

If there ever was a time to encourage and go to training, during a recession is just that time!

Employers and employees need to stop looking backward, and instead look forward to where they want the business and its employees to be as the economy rebounds. Executives & Professionals: Changing Jobs?

As the executive leadership builds its vision of the business, managers and employees need to identify the necessary skills to meet this vision and then get the training.

This may seem counter intuitive, given that budgets for training have been cut back, or eliminated entirely. What is required to overcome these budget hurdles? Creativity! Many vendor partners are more willing than ever to provide training, free, if they believe it will mean more sales now and in the future. Additionally, many traditional training providers are cutting prices. If your business can get a group of five or more employees, the deals just get better. Try RingCentral Fax FREE for 30 days

Training doesn't always require looking outwards, but rather inwards. Many larger companies have educational materials online, such as CBTs (computer-based training) courses. Additionally, many vendors have online classes and labs for their partners. Further, in large companies, there may be a one or two real experts on a particular topic. As business drops off, encourage those experts to deliver courses in their specialty. This goes for executives also!

Executives and managers, as well as employees such as CPAs, lawyers, MBAs, etc., can train topics such as leadership, accounting, contracts, finance, as well as job-specific courses. Further, during slow times, a review of the fundamentals of the business and occupations help to focus both the business and employees. Save $50 on Trademark text and logo search

Continuing education is essential in good economic times and bad, though particularly in bad times. Training helps employees to better understand their jobs, and to prepare for new ones. Training also helps executives and managers to consider new possibilities. Training doesn't have to be expensive, as in most cases, trained personnel are readily available in the work force. Dont' waste time hoping for a budget, get out there and train!

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