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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Brand is Your Responsibility

We all know what a brand is. Whether its beer, a car, or a maker of industrial chemicals, each company's brand helps define the company in the market place.

As managers and employees, we are called to protect our brand vigorously, and insure that our work matches what our brand represents. However, many people don't understand how their actions impact their brand. Save $50 on Trademark text and logo search

Most brands aim to communicate quality, price, customer service, or some other differentiating characteristic. Below are some examples of how to protect and promote your company's brand.

1. If the company's brand emphasizes quality, managers in every department, from Finance to IT can remind their employees that their work should be of the highest quality. This commitment to quality mirrors what the company communicates not only to its customers, but also to its suppliers, partners and competitors.

2. If the company's brand emphasizes price, managers can encourage employees to find the highest value at the lowest cost where possible. Buyers should work with suppliers to insure value. The IT department can be encouraged to find the best freeware tools. However, don't focus solely on price, but on acquiring and using those things that make your business run most efficiently.

3. If the company's brand emphasizes customer service, managers can set up role playing sessions where employees act as customers, seeking service from the company. As employees experience what a customer experiences, they should be encouraged to make things better. Try RingCentral Fax FREE for 30 days

In each of the examples above, the simple focus of the brand can and should be demonstrated by all employees of the company. Focusing on and exercising the brand value creates market differentiation and thus competitive advantage in the market place. However, when employees lose brand focus, the market quickly recognizes it and customers begin looking at the alternatives. Brand protection and promotion is every one's responsibility.

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