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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Use that Vacation!!

Ah, vacation. We love to talk about it, and go on them. When was the last time you went, or for that matter, your star employee? Become a Decision Maker. Search Director, VP, & Manager level Jobs.

Vacation or Paid Time Off (PTO), is a significant portion of any compensation package. It is significant not just in monetary terms, but also in productivity terms.

As a manager, you should enable your employees to exhaust as much of their PTO as possible. Why? Aren't employees adults and know how to manage their own lives?

Most Americans don't consume their entire PTO each year, with a significant amount taking little or no time off at all. Employees who don't take time off are at risk for burn-out and reduced performance. Save up to 70% on Business Class Deals to Europe with Air France!

A vacation should be a time to rest and recreate. A vacation also allows employees to rest their minds from work, which in turn, leads them to be more creative when they come back. Additionally, time away from work allows for minor dust ups to pass over, increasing the harmony in the workplace.

As we get close to the end of the year and the weeks of Christmas and Thanksgiving, make sure your folks are taking time off. Don't forget you too! Managers need time off just as much as line employees.

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Jennifer said...

I agree that we should use our vacations while we can. North Americans take far less vacation time each year than our European counterparts - and these holidays are good for our health!

WRGII said...

Jennifer, thanks for the great comment! When I was in the Army in the 1990s, taking vacation was very serious. They had done several studies on burn-out and its consequences. While an office worker isn't handling weapons or ordinance, they do handle important pieces of the business, namely customers and information.

MoscowMom said...

How timely! The current chapter in my 9th graders' Sociology/American Culture textbook is about the workplace in the USA. The main focus of half of the chapter is hours worked/overtime/benefits/vacation days (paid and unpaid) per year in comparison to European countries. Considering that Europeans get a MONTH off, it's so sad that many Americans don't even use the meager two weeks they have! I agree about time off only benefiting productivity...

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