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Friday, September 26, 2008

Lead a Green Office

With "green" being the buzz word of the last couple of years, how do you green efforts in your office?

As a business leader, it is easier than you think. Many basic green principles are common sense. Additionally, they positively impact the bottom line.

If you want to "green " your office, lead by example with the following tips.

1. Turn off any equipment that doesn't need to be on at night, like network printers, desktops, and lights.
2. If you have a duplex capable printer, print double-sided.
3. Discourage the printing of emails.
4. Encourage telecommuting
5. Teleconference or WebEx instead of traveling
6. Take advantage of recycling plans from your solid waste collection agency

Although "reduce, reuse, recycle" isn't a catchy phrase, it does have a very practical meaning. Office recycling is good for the bottom line, it can motivate ecologically concerned employees, and is easy.

Do your part!

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