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Monday, August 18, 2008

Managing Fear During a Layoff

You have had a strange feeling that something isn't right. While things seem to be doing OK in your business, they aren't their best. All of the sudden, senior management has gotten very quiet.

Then BANG! Two or three folks you know send emails that they have a short amount of time to find jobs in the company or they are out.

What happened? Am I next? What is going on? These are very real concerns and serious questions. If you hear about folks having been laid off, there is at least some chance that there will be more firings in the future.

The way to handle these feelings and realities is based on the amount of control you can bring to the situation. Aside from doing your best to make the business successful, try to have a positive attitude. Additionally, make sure that you have taken precautions in the event that you are next. Update your resume. Make sure your profiles on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. are up to date. Verify both your business and personal networks are up to date. In short, manage your sphere of control and influence.

In most cases, the decisions about who stays and who goes aren't personal. They certainly may feel that way, but usually aren't. If you are able to keep your job, be happy and diligent. Also, be willing to help those who lost their job. It is a small world and kindness goes a long way. If you do lose your job, try to see the opportunity in change. If possible, maybe it is a good time to go back to school. It also could be time to start that business or write that book you have dreamed about.

Life is hard, unfair, and often brutish, but you don't have to be. Optimism and a positive attitude can make difficult situations bearable. If your business is cutting their work force, be proactive and know your options. Like the motto of the Boy Scouts, "Be Prepared!"

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