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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to Quit Playing Phone Tag

How much time do you waste trying to reach people, leaving messages, only to miss their return call?

Phone tag isn't insurmountable. Some companies, usually larger ones, have ways to forward your desk phone to your cell phone. However, if you work for smaller companies, or yourself, you may not have that luxury.

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Fortunately, RingCentral offers a product that will forward your desk phone to any of four different numbers, so people can find you! Wouldn't it be nice if others had such a service?

RingCentral will forward the call to which ever number picks up first, though you can set a preference. Simply, RingCentral utilizes your internet connection to handle the call hand offs. Additionally, you may need similar services for faxing, which RingCentral also provides.

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Not to be out done, Google is soon to offer a service called Google Voice. Although it is only available by invite only (?), it is said to offer call forwarding, screening, voice mail, etc. It appears this will be a "free" service, but I don't have anymore details as of 01 September 2009.

Here is a brief interview from BusinessWeek that spells out some of the differences.

Internet Fax

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